Mechanical Products SW, Inc. Welcomes enVerid to our Line of Products

Benefits of HLR Modules

The HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) module actively and automatically manages HVAC cooling and heating load and indoor air quality (IAQ). Simply, the HLR module is a “smart scrubber” that replaces outdated, inefficient and costly ventilation methods with a practical, proven, energy-saving approach. Read more about the HLR technology.

Instead of continuously replacing indoor air with outside air to expel indoor-generated contaminants and manage IAQ, the HLR module cleans the indoor air using patented reusable sorbents. By cleansing the indoor air, the HLR module minimizes the amount of outdoor air required to maintain IAQ, thereby reducing the load on the HVAC system and achieving double-digit energy savings.

enVerid has a product line featuring several HLR modules  …. read more on our website

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Mechanical Products SW, Inc. Welcomes RCS to our Line of Products

VRF/VRV custom mechanical fitting kits

Couplings, Reducers, End Caps

H55 Copper through 1 5/8″ bendable

Press tools and digital tube benders


Mechanical Products SW, Inc. Welcomes BasX Solutions to our

line of Products

      • BasX air handlers are custom designed and built to improve overall facility performance. 
      • BasX air handlers provide better energy savings, improved air quality, maximal comfort for your occupants.


Mechanical Products SW, Inc. is pleased to announce we are now the Arizona Representative for

      • Yaskawa drives offer the quality performance you need for your assets from the air handlers and cooling towers on the roof to the secondary chilled water pumps in the basement. 
      • The Z1000 drive for example, is a variable speed drive that is designed for building automation applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500HP.  The Z1000 features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides a hands-off-auto interface and a real time clock.  These features make the Z1000 perfect for many building automation applications that require reliable motor control.

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