Mechanical Products SW represents the following fine manufacturers.

-Water Cooled Chillers to 1,600 tons
-Air Cooled Chillers to 420 tons
-All Magnetic Bearing Compressors


-Direct Fired Makeup Air Equipment
-Direct Evaporative Cooling AHUs
-Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling AHUs


-Indoor HLR Modules
-Outdoor HLR Models


-Centrifugal Separators
-Sand Filters


-Vibration Control Solutions
-Seismic Control Solutions
-Bases and Supports
-Hangers and Pads

-EC plenum fan assemblies and arrays
-Bulkhead wall assemblies
-Optional BACnet compatible controller


-Domestic water pump booster packages
-HVAC custom pump packages
-Municipal domestic water booster packages


-Direct drive fan coils all configurations
-Belt drive fan coils all configurations
-Vertical Stack fan coil units

-Industrial Fans and Blowers
-Commercial Fans and Blowers
-Centrifugal, Axial and Propeller Fans
-Steel, FRP and Aluminum construction



-Humidification Generators
-Gas, Electric and Steam Heat Source
-Steam Dispersion Grids
-Indoor and Outdoor Models


-Cooling Towers and Fluid Coolers
-Evaporative Condensers
-Replacement parts (all brands)
-Mr. GoodTower service center (all brands)


-Extend the life of your unit
-Improve thermal performance
-Eliminate problems
-Reduce maintenance costs

-Refrigerant Coupling Systems
-VRF Custom Kits
-Couplings, Reducers, End Caps

-Packaged Central Plants
-Packaged Boiler Plants
-Packaged Cogeneration Plants
-Modular Pump Packages


-Air to Air Energy Recovery Units
-Fixed Plate Heat Exchangers
-Total and Sensible Energy Wheels

-Water Cooled Modular Chillers
-Air Cooled Modular Chillers
-Heat Recovery Options
-Magnetic Bearing Compressors options

-Custom Air Handlers to 100,000 CFM

-Custom Options Available

-Packaged DX Air Handlers to 300 ton

Climate by Design

-Desiccant Dehumidification
-Critical Process Air Handlers
-Indoor and Outdoor Models


-Custom air handlers to 160,000 CFM
-Single or multiple fan options
-Numerous custom options
-Indoor and Outdoor Construction


-Condensing and Copper Fin Boilers
-Indirect Water Heaters and Buffer Tanks
-Custom Solar and Boiler Packages


-Hydronic Balancing Products
-Automatic and manual balancing
-Complete customizable valves kits
-Water Source Heat Pump hose kits

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-Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers


-Centrifugal Pumps and Circulators
-End Suction and Vertical In Line Pumps
-Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Pump Trim
-iWorx Controls Systems and Hardware

-Z1000 VFDs with or without bypass
-NEMA 1, 3R and 12 UL Packages
-Duplex drive options
-Matrix LOW HARMONIC drives